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Here are my government affairs accomplishments:

1. Organized one of Congress' first hearings to feature the medical savings account as a viable alternative to government takeover of healthcare industry;
2. Recruited Forbes Magazine owner to speak on superiority of consumer-directed health care, compared to bureaucrat-controlled healthcare;
3. Grew nationwide grassroots movement to combat class-action lawsuits jeopardizing housing mortgage affordability;
4. Helped Senator pass in Appropriations a legislative requirement for an agency to clarify financial law;
5. Assisted Small Business Committee Democrat to expand lending powers of credit unions;
6. Organized, moderated and generated media coverage for dozens of Cato Institute Capitol Hill events on replacing centralized coercion with entrepreneurial, peaceful alternatives in all issue areas;
7. Credited by Pentagon staff for helping Congress extend the law authorizing their replacement of bureaucrat guards with more efficient private contractors;
8. Brought Fortune 500 company to program in nation of Belize, to stabilize system of property transfers;
9. Created "congressional classical liberal staff club," to bring staffers from both parties together to discuss solutions based on choice and creativity;
10. Helped recruit members and opportunities for movement (FLOW) bringing together idealists and entrepreneurs;
11. Principle advocate behind House and Senate passage of only the fourth joint resolution ever, honoring the life of a religious leader.